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Why dancing?

Dance has been used for its healing forces and for preventing various diseases in every culture.

Having regular access to movement, music and dance improves the physical and mental health of older adults. Furthermore, we believe the interaction between the elderly dancers and the Movement for Living team strengthens social inclusion and helps to improve connection and interaction among the residents and their staff.

Movement, music and dance are requirements of life, especially as we get older. The more we move, the healthier we become, at any age.

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Our mission

  • To create opportunities for personal development and growth, better health and wellbeing
  • To bring movement, music and dance to people in need
  • To provide activities that support, inspire and create a better community environment
  • To continuously develop and improve high-quality movement programs for older adults, caretakers and facilitators
  • To grow an inspired community of motivated dancers, volunteers and facilitators to spread Movement for Living to those in need
what we do 05 | movement for living

Our program

Our programme uses neurophysiological and social approaches inspired by Switch2Move, The Memory Project, and Open Floor International. The program is widely supported by research in the fields of Physio-neurology und psycho-sociology and comprises a range of practical tools adapted from conscious dance combined with other movement embodiment practices.


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