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Founder and Director of Movement for Living, Open Floor conscious dance facilitator and a qualified Iyengar yoga teacher. He earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Directing, Dramaturgy and Stage Writing from Tel Aviv University, and holds a Bachelor degree in Theatre and pedagogy. Since 2007, Idan has worked intensely with the topics of conflict resolution, social inclusion and self-empowerment. He uses theatre, conscious dance, movement improvisation and other embodiment practices for self-learning and self-exploration.

“I am fascinated with the emotional and mental transformation that happens to people during a dance class. It is beautiful to realize how much life movement and dance brings to people in all stages of life. The challenge of dancing with people with physical and neurological difficulties calls me to dive deeper into the subject; to continue research and to further develop our tools and practice.”

Idan Meir

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Andrew Greenwood

Director 'Switch2Move' & Co-founder 'Dance and Creative Wellness Foundation'

Idan Mair has a vast and diverse experience working in the dance and creative wellness field. As a mentor Idan Mair has improved his skills in arts and health, he has inspired people with dementia, caregivers and many professional dance teachers to follow his unique approaches. Idan Mair is the perfect candidate for people to engage and refer patients with special needs to his creative, useful interventions.

The two most outstanding characteristics of Idan Mair are his creativity and sense of humour. Sometimes he seems to pull his ideas out of the air. I discovered his vast knowledge in many spheres, as well as his ability to form associations between objects or subjects that at first seem to have nothing in common.

Therefore, based on Idan Mair’s personality traits such as creativity, a quaint sense of humour, communicability, leadership, the ability to work in a team, and also considering his skills in the creative arts, he is the perfect candidate.


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